Saying lots of words and sentences

Today, I was sitting in a chair out by the front yard. Abrielle walked up to me and said “I want to sit in that seat”.
She is learning more and more words and surprising us with sentences almost every day. Her doctor says that she is way ahead of most other 18 month olds with her vocabulary and ability to form sentences.
We figure that her vocabulary is roughly 100-150 words.
She can say: momma, dadda, Kia (Mekiah), kitty, doggy, Lizzy Lou (our golden retriever), snack, apple, banana, bug, truck, car, tree, flower, swing, milk, juice, cup, baby, shoes, cute, noodle, meat, nose, eyes, mouth, hair, ear, hands, bye-bye, belly, mine, no-no, outside, slide, play, ball, airplane, bear, Chewy (mekiah’s hamster), bird, fish, house, chip, egg, cheese, rock, hot, “don’t touch”, and many other words.
She also says, “Who is that”, “where is that”, “what is that”, “where momma go?”, “where Kia go?”, “there it is!”.

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