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kindergarten problems

Abrielle was explaining some of the problems she’s been having and kindergarten the other day. Here’s what she said: “everyone always wants to play with me. and they argue for who gets to play with friend will say they want to play with me and then the other friend won’t play with me if the other friend plays with me. they fight over who gets to play with me. I tell them that they can all play with me but they don’t want to do that.”


The girls were in the back of the car on the way to dance class.  I heard them saying, “I’m gonna play with uncle Brishon”.  The other said, “well, I’m gonna play with uncle Zion.”  Then one says, “deal?”, and the other says, “deal”!.  Then they both spit on their hands, shake hands, and say “Forever!” in unison.  It was hilarious! 🙂  Then they kept doing that over and over again.

This girl makes me laugh!

Tonight Abrielle was talking to me as we were snuggling in her bed. Here is what she says,” Mommy, when I am grown up, you can come over anytime to my house. You come over and we will have coffee everyday. Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, everyday, come on over to my house and have coffee in the morning. I will live next door only one two steps away. I will be your neighbor, to the left though, not to the right. When you come over you can bring your kids.” (I told her my kids might be all grown up) ” Well, you can just visit my kids then. If you do have kids though, you can bring them.”

“You can watch my kids and I will go on a fancy date.” To which I agreed of course. “Then we can go on a girls night and go for dinner and movies and shopping. And my husband can watch my kids.”

I LOVE this girl!!!!

The naked trees

We were driving through our neighborhood yesterday, and I was mentioning to Abrielle that all the leaves have fallen off the trees.  I told her that the trees were naked.

Then she looked out the window and said, “oh, yeah, they are naked.  And I can even see their pee pee’s”.


Something shiny

Today is the car, Abrielle told me that we all have something shiny inside us. Here is what she says, ” we all a shiny thing in our bodies. We can’t see it really but it does shine out. It is in a box, like a square cardboard box, but little and not really card board. The box is gold but not shiny gold. And in the box inside our bodies is our voice and it is shiny and yellow just like the sun. That is called a voice box. And it talks. It does not copy us though. When we talk it is the voice talking.