Monthly Archives: May 2011

Why Abrielle is not really a princess.

Tonight when I was putting Abrielle to bed, she said that she was not really a princess. “Princess’ live in a castle and this is not a castle. See, this is a house. And a castle has a pink roof and our roof is brown. Some roofs are pink and some are brown. A princess lives in a tower and is up high, and my room (looking around her room) is not a tower. Towers have pointy tops and this house does not a a pointy top. A tower is really pointy and is sharp. As sharp as a spiky thorn. Some spiky thorns have poison on them so don’t touch them mommy. Okay, don’t touch spiky things.” Such a funny girl! I had to write this down quick before I forgot it.


Another cute thing from Abrielle when her friend said he did not like Josanna and ran away. She says, “Come here, I need to talk to you, I need to talk to you. That is my baby sister and sometimes she hits you, but she only loves you. And sometimes if you hug her she will bite you but she is really nice.” lol, this girl cracks me up!